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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: This information could be very out of date.

Q: Why does Bidwatcher delete my list of auctions when I change usernames?

A: This was part of Bidwatcher's original design. According to creator Trent McNair: "Since Bidwatcher is meant to be used by one person, it made sense that if you were changing the username that you were starting things over, so previous auction entries are flushed out." We, the current maintainers, acknowledge that this is not obvious or logical behavior to everyone. In a future version, Bidwatcher will give you the option of clearing or keeping the list of auctions.
Q: Will there be a version for anything other than Linux or Microsoft Windows?

A: We are working on porting Bidwatcher to other Unix-like operating systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc.). We may consider porting to other platforms depending on demand, but there are currently no such plans.
Q: I turned off 'track bids' in the config window, but Bidwatcher still informs me that it's getting my bids from eBay. Why?

A: Bidwatcher needs to maintain a list of items that you have bid on in order to properly color-code an auction. If you turn off 'track bids' and then add an auction you have bid on manually, Bidwatcher would have no way of knowing if you had bid on it because that infomation is not included on an eBay auction page.
Q: Can you make Bidwatcher do (fill in the blank)?

A: It depends. Those of us working on Bidwatcher do so in our spare time, which is limited. But feature requests and bug reports are welcome. As we make plans to add new features, we'll announce them.

Last update: 6 Mar 2000

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