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November, 2004: Major bugs.
eBay has forced some changes that make bidwatcher unusable for bidding. We're all very busy, so a fix will come sometime but there is no ETA.

August 31, 2004: 1.3.16 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
  • Fixes the major eBay breakage form 1.3.15. Check the release notes.

April 23, 2004: 1.3.15 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
  • Fixes bidding issue as well as time sync problems. See release notes for details.

April 22, 2004: Broke. Note: eBay changes have broken bidwatcher.

April 20, 2004: 1.3.14 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
  • This release adds provides support for longer auction numbers and changes default fonts, along with other minor changes .

February 29, 2004: 1.3.13 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
  • This release contains a fix for bidding/sniping and time-sync issues.

December 13, 2003: 1.3.11 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
  • Most notably this release contains the fix for bidding/sniping.

December 22, 2002: 1.3.7 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
October 21, 2002: 1.3.6 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
September 10, 2002: 1.3.5 New release, download now! [Notes/Changelog]
Note: a bug was found in the release that makes certain ebay motors auctions break. A patch was released for those affected, sorry about that.
June 06 2002: 1.3.4 New release, check it out. [Notes/Changelog]
Note: I goofed on this release, make sure to get the -fix file. Sorry.
March 22 2002: 1.3.3 New release, check it out. [Notes/Changelog]
March 20 2002: eBay problems eBay has made some changes which break bidwatcher. I just committed what I believe fixes the problems. If everyone could test the CVS version and let me know that/if it fixes your problems, it would be very helpful. Thanks alot.
February 20 2002: version 1.3.2 Added a bunch of new features and tidied up some bugs. Here are the notes:
* Made it so you can right click on an auction to get that auction's info
* Clears bid when you cancel a snipe
* Builds nicer on solaris
* Add auction box in middle of main window
* Color configuration
* Better default colors (no more green-on-white)
* Set Security levels
* Update bid count correctly

January 21 2002: version 1.3.1 Due to many bugfixes, I released version 1.3.1 today. This should make it easier for most folks to get the best available code, without having to work through CVS. Try it out and submit bugs.

November 20 2001: New Developer Today Kevin Dwyer joins the team, hoping to keep things going on an excellent project. He will be working on fixing bugs at first but then hopefully adding new features and reorganizing the source. OK, enough with the third person ;).

March 14 2001: GTK version 1.2.0 We've been working on a port to GTK for a long time, and it now feels close to ready for primetime. Of course, it's not without bugs, but please play around with it and let us know what you think.

Highlights include:

  • Port to GTK+ -- runs faster, now absolutely 100% GNU GPL pure!
  • Rewrite of much of the networking code
  • Drag and drop support of URLS
  • HTTP proxy server support
  • The bidder/seller email feature is slated for destruction, as it's now much harder to get a user's email address from eBay.
  • Many bugfixes

Please download it here.

March 24 2000: After doing the March 22 release, I discovered that Wayne Schlitt released an independently-updated version 1.1.x of Bidwatcher at almost exactly the same time. Wayne started work on Bidwatcher before I did, but due to poor communication we weren't aware of each other's work until that time. Work is now under way to merge our 1.0.5 with Wayne's 1.1.2, the latter of which includes some important new fixes for breakage caused by new eBay design changes. After merging, future development will be done on SourceForge. Thanks to Wayne for the work he's done.

March 22 2000: It's finally here, the first release of Bidwatcher since being adopted and maintained here at SourceForge. Just enough bugs have been stomped so that the Linux version works again; visit the download page to get the latest source code. I apologize to Windows users, who will still have to wait an indefinite amount of time before they have a working version again; but the source code of the last Windows release is now publicly available if you would like to tinker with it.

March 7 200: The original Bidwatcher Web site has disappeared, which for better or worse makes us "official." This hastened the need to put up the Web site I've been working on, based on the original Web site design. I changed the logo, since the original "Low-Fi" logo was not relevant to us. I realize the new logo is somewhat wanting. If you would like to come up with a spiffy new Bidwatcher logo for the Web site, please e-mail me.

February 28 2000: The Bidwatcher development project at SourceForge was spun off from the original Bidwatcher developed by Trent and Tom McNair. If you would like to report bugs or even offer to help with developing Bidwatcher, please visit project central at SourceForge.

Last update: April 20th 2004

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